Road Traffic Accidents

Car accidents on the road are the most frequent types of accidents that occur on a daily basis, causing damage to vehicles and personal injuries to individuals involved whether a driver, passenger or bystander. This has been reflected in previous yearly statistics, for example in 2018 there were 560,000 casualties on the roads reported. In such accidents, the aftermath can temporarily bring your lives to a halt and an array of thoughts may frustrate you for example  recovering your vehicle, secure storage, vehicle repairs and replacment , third party insurer liason etc . To find out more give us a call today on 0121 340 000 and let us fight for what you deserve. That is a fair and just outcome reflecting your losses and injuries.

Personal Injury

Did you know that each year , it is estimated that 1.6 million accidents occur causing personal injury to individuals. This is based on accidents across workplaces, hospitals and on the roads and unfortunately , not all who are injured are aware or have been advised that they may have a potential claim.  If you've suffered a personal injury or been made ill, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether the incident took place in the UK or abroad, in private or in public we're here to help. For further information give us a call today or if you prefer ,we can arrange a face to face consultation to discuss your claim further. Our No Win No Fee Basis means you have nothing to loose.

Accidents at work , Slips & trips

 If you've been involved in an accident at work, you may well be unfit to work. Some employees are fortunate enough to have jobs with a contract which entitles them to full sick pay in the event they are absent from work due to an injury. Unfortunatley, not everyone is as lucky and where this is the case , it can cause financial misery and stress. While you may recieve statutory sick pay, when you have a family to support and other financial responsibilities, this may not be enough. Time off work may have already caused friction between you and your employer and the last thing you want to do is put your job in jeopordy by claiming for your injuries caused in the workplace. At Claimcompo we promise we will do all we can to protect your employment, whilst obtaining  compensation for the pain and suffering associated with your injuries  and other losses – which will include any wage loss.  

Medical Negligence

Medical and Clinical negligence are terms used to describe errors, accidents or substandard care by medical professionals, staff or hospitals. Cases include:

  • NHS or private hospitals
  • Health Care treatment centres such as walk-in-clinics or GP surgeries
  • Other forms of medical treatment such as rehabilitation centres or physiotherapists

In order for you to make a medical negligence compensation claim, you will have to prove that the care you received was below the legal duty of care all medical professionals have to abide by. If you decide to process a claim with Claimcompo, we will assign you with a specialist solicitor who will represent you against the other party and prove that there was negligence which caused your accident.

Replacement Vehicles

Taxi Vehicles


We have a wide range of vehicles which have been pre plated with majority of the councils ready for you to be back on road with-in one hour!  

Non-Taxi Vehicles


We have a wide range of vehicles fo replace you with a like for like car in the event of an accident!